Thursday, June 4, 2015

Transfers 6/2/15

In the weekly newsletter from President Felix he included among other things the following: "It's June and another transfer. With this transfer, we are saying good-bye to 19 missionaries, Elder and Sister Miles from the office and Elder and Sister McIntosh from the Santa Barbara CES and YSA. We all have loved serving with these departing missionaries and wish them well in their new adventures. We will miss them all. We will also be welcoming 7 new missionaries to the Great California Ventura Mission.
Thank you for focusing on being "led by the Spirit as we find and teach". I believe that we all had the opportunity to experience how we need to keenly focus on those promptings that we might feel, hear or sense. May we continue to trust in the Lord and follow those promptings.

For this transfer, our CVM Target is "We are consecrated servants of Jesus Christ." In your studies, please find scriptures that will help you remember "having both feet in", serving others and representing Jesus Christ. As you do so, always remember to invite others to come unto Christ towards baptism."
Elder Martineau is being transferred to Brazil.  He received his visa and left on Tuesday before transfer meeting started.
Transfer meeting was amazing with 23 missionaries bearing testimony and two musical numbers.  Hermana Wallace and Hermana Ricks sang Lead Kindly Light and Elder Phillips played on the piano (his arrangement) How Great Thou Art.  Sister Felix shared the parable of the oranges that Randy Ridd talked about in a CES fireside earlier this year.  Basically having real intent and being fully committed because of the desire to do for others.  Because she has such a difficult time at transfer meeting emotionally, she brought a plaque that says "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened."  It helped as she would continually look at it throughout the meeting.
President Felix read from a letter that was sent to him from a new convert encouraging missionaries to find people like her and share the gospel.  A missionary's influence can be felt by many more than one person.  President Felix referred to
Bro. Ridd's experience of returning to where he served his mission in Mexico and finding that one of the families he had baptized was still active and in fact had been instrumental in over 500 souls joining the Church.  Another example was President Felix opening an area in Argentina and 35 years later is now a stake.

Hermanas Costilla and Killpack
Elders Willis, Ruby, Fisher, Reed and Hermana Bennion
Elders Herrera and Parrish
Sisters Hunsaker and Dietos
Elders Bradley and Toa
Elders Bailey, Tufts, Comin and Goad
Elders Walker and Stewart
Elders Barlow and Lucas
Elders Deschamps, Agle and Payne
Sister Woodland, Hermanas Winn, Bennion, Wallace and Newland
Elders Cavazos, Boyce, Agle, Law, James, Hermana Wixom and Sister Berry
Elders Stout and Lee
Sisters Beatty and Thompson, Hermanas Soriano, Keith, Zarate and Sister Boring
Elders Rosenlof and Klingler
Elders Hall and Martinez
Hermanas Cuevas and Pirir
Elder & Sister Miles and Sister and Elder Floyd
Elders Law, Cavazos, Davidson, Fernandez, Parrish, Griffin, Barlow
Hermanas Newland, Winn, Green, Wixom, Costilla, Lauren and Bishop Quezada and Elder Phillips
Sisters Giambattista and Berry
Elders Driggs, DeCosta and Carpenter
Elders Sorensen, James, Davidson and Hermana Bennion
Sisters Boring, Barnes, Hiapo and Evans

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