Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Arrivals 6/1/15

Elder Lallatin is missing in the picture because he's having an interview with the president.  The plan was to meet six missionaries coming from Utah and an hour later one from Arizona. 
Santa Barbara airport.  We're wondering if we will continue using this airport any more for the arriving missionaries.  It happened again that a flight was cancelled.  We received a call from Sister Stewart that Elder Martinez's flight was cancelled and he wouldn't be able to get a flight until the next day.  We were very disappointed.
Hermana Pirir
Sister Dietos
Elder Lucas
Elder Bradley
Elder Lallatin
Elder Herrera Loya
Elder Martinez
President Felix finished interviewing at the park while we were waiting for the McIntoshes to bring lunch.  We were early due to the flight that was scheduled to arrive and was cancelled. Lunch at Goleta Park was good.  It is fun to look out at the ocean.  We were surprised that there were no segulls.

President Felix and Elder McIntosh serving.

Elder Atkin will be leaving us to return home.  I had to get a picture of him "backing up"the space van for possibly the last time.
Elder Herrera is in "flight"after the others jumped with "both feet in."
We hope these missionaries understand the importance of being anxiously engaged.
The seven missionaries come from:
Brazil, Arizona, Canada, Oregon, and 3 from Utah

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