Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mission Tour

Elder C. Scott Grow and his wife trained us for the mission tour this year.  He is in the First Quorum of Seventy.  He has so much experience and we were blessed to have him here.  Sister Grow had a lot of good insight as well.  
He focused his efforts on hastening the work and the urgency of what we need to do--baptizing, reactivating, and working with ward councils.
He took time to train the stake presidencies and their wives in two separate dinner/meetings (one for the south part of the mission and the other for the north).

Simi Valley Zone
Elders Hull, Wickern, Sister and Elder Grow, President and Sister Felix, Hermana Garza, Sister Berry, Elders Bailey, Lallatin
Elders Routledge, Gregory, Gaylor, Hamson, Fernandez, Hall, Harper, Stout, Hermana Griffes, Sister Giambattista, Elders Chatterton, Haines, Bawden, Cantrell

Thousand Oaks Zone
Elders Kuepper, Willis, Weiss, Sister and Elder Grow, President and Sister Felix, Hermana Frias, Elder Leavitt
Elders Hortin, Gibb, Simpson, Forson, Sisters Guthrie, Blake, Elders Parkinson, Powell, Hermana Clark, Elders Potter, Goad

Newbury Park Zone
Sisters Barnes, Rasmussen, Sister and Elder Grow, 
President and Sister Felix, Hermana Tauiliili, Sister Reneer, Hermana Pirir
Sisters Evans, Woodland, Elders Morwood, Anderson, Boyce, Jones, Dorius, Campbell, Hermana Jeronimo, Sister Dearden, Hermana Cuevas

Carmarillo Zone
Hermana Johnson, Sister Olsen, Hermana Keith, Sister and Elder Grow, President and Sister Felix, Hermanas Eames, Brown, Miller
Hermana Wixom, Elder Young, Sister Wilson, Elder Rasband, Hermana Winn, Elders Bradley, Reed, Robinson, Fagan, Agle, Snyder, Fyffe, Deem, Hurst, Deschamps, Law, Toa, Fernandez, Lemus, Garcia

Elder and Sister Stewart

We are singing Called to Serve to the Simi Valley Stake Relief Society who hosted the lunch.

San Luis Obispo Zone
Elders Payne, Mackay, Peterson, Sister and Elder Grow, President and Sister Felix, Elders Comin, Stewart, Ruby
Elders Willis, Magoon, Jones, Pace, Dusara, Summers, Sisters Ulassin, Thompson, Hermanas Young, Ricks, Sisters James, Harrison, Elders Walker, Tufts, Waite, Rosenlof

Santa Barbara Zone
Hermanas Soriano, Green, Sister Israelsen, Sister and Elder Grow, President and Sister Felix, Elder Bautista, Sister Orme, Hermana Zarate
Hermanas Shepherd, Clark, Sister Angimarau, Elders Driggs, DeCosta, Leavitt, Martin, Gardner, DuPlessis, Morrell, Santos, Brown, Gruwell, Bartholomew, Clarkson, Moreno, Gregory, Sister Brown, Hermana Wallace, Elder Herrera

Ventura Zone
Sisters Hiapo, Boring, Elder Robinson, Sister and Elder Grow, President and Sister Felix, Sisters Scoresby, Beatty, Coombs
Elders Hale, Gray, Hatman, Corbridge, Liddiard, McKinley, Davidson, Sorensen, Barlow, Lucas, Slaugh, Klingler, Garrard, Hermanas Miller, Hurley, Newland, Huey
Elders Kanenwisher and Yager (at the back)

Santa Maria Zone
Elders Mulford, Carpenter, Hermana Bennion, Sister and Elder Grow, President and Sister Felix, Sister Deitos, Elders Herrera, Fridal
Elders King, Dort, Hermana Killpack, Elders Hunt, Fisher, Beus, Sister Hunsaker, Elders Hidalgo, Lopez, Parrish, Navarrete, Elkington

Sister and Elder Floyd
Moms of missionaries provided the lunch.

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  1. Sister Felix thank you so much for the incredible blog. It's wonderful to learn about our daughter's mission. Pictures are definitely worth a thousand words. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into this blog. We truely appreciate it. God bless you.

    Bobby and Lupita Garza (Texas)