Monday, June 22, 2015

Letter from President Felix

What a revelatory experience it was to be with you all and meet with Elder and Sister Grow and to feel of their spirit and love of the work of salvation.  I would ask that each of you review your notes of what you felt you learned during this zone conference.  I learned that "Hastening of His work" really has urgency written all over it.  We need to understand Preach My Gospel and apply the scriptures therein with those that we teach.  It may be hard to hand off the investigators who are not making progress to the ward missionaries, but we need to be productive with our time and not just visiting because they like us.  I urge each of you to reassess your efforts in planning, finding, teaching, working with members and ward leaders.  The Lord will bless us going forward. 

Please be safe in all that you do: where you go, how you drive, always be with your companion, avoid any communication with members of the opposite sex within the mission, no one other than missionaries should ever be in your apartment with you, and do not accept money or ask for financial assistance from anyone other than your family. 

If returned missionaries call you on the phone or visit you, please ask that they respect your time and purpose. Communications with them should only be on 
P days.

I feel that we have so much to do that there is no time to let down.  We are missionaries of the Lord Jesus Christ in all places, in all things and at all times.  We pray for you multiple times per day.  We are disappointed when others report issues regarding our missionaries not acting as missionaries.  We love you so much and we know the sanctity of your calling.  Be the best you can be. 

There will be double digits in baptisms this week and the Lord is pleased with these souls entering into this sacred covenant.  May the Lord bless you all in His service,

President and Sister Felix

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