Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Mission Leadership

Last Friday all of the district leaders came to the mission office for training.  We felt the Elders were able to understand their role to help the members in their district.
Front row:  Elders Deem, Chatterton, Law, Barlow, Parrish, K. Jones, M. Gregory, Goad, Walker, Anderson, Hale, Clarkson
Back row:  Elders King, R. Robinson, Martin, Hall, Phillips, Gibb, Elkington, Santos, Toa, Dorius, L. Gregory
It was National Donut Day and since it was Elder Yager's birthday the same day we celebrated.  It was a good treat for the day.
Sister Training Leaders
Front row:  Sisters James, Reneer, Hiapo, Hermanas Bennion, Huey, Keith
Back row:  Sisters Harrison, Deardon, Boring, Hermanas Killpack, Newland, Winn
Zone Leaders
Front row:  Elders Davidson, Wickern, DeCosta, Hunt, Kuepper, Young, Boyce, Ruby
Back row:  Elders Sorensen, Hamson, Driggs, Fisher, Hortin, Rasband, Jones, Willis
Elder Kanenwisher and Elder Yager

Lunch was chicken and waffles with applesauce and ice cream cones for dessert.
The CVM target this transfer is consecration.
President Felix trained us on being consecrated.  When he asked for synonyms the missionaries came up with:  devoted, converted, qualified, dedicated, willing, all, charity, selfless, sacrifice, saint, passion, focused, immersed, submissive, and righteous.
Neal A. Maxwell said "Increased consecration is not so much a demand for more hours of Church work as it is for more awareness of Whose work this really is."
What is a servant?
Words that were expressed:  aide, mother, companion, friend, minister, desciple, chooses to serve verses a slave, and leader (by example).
President Monson said, "Our missionaries are not salesmen with wares to peddle; rather, they are servants of the Most High God, with testimonies to bear, truths to teach, and souls to save."
President encouraged the missionaries to write quotes, thoughts, what they read specifically for being consecrated servants on a paper that was handed out to be kept in their journals. 
He concluded by saying being consecrated is not just for this transfer but it's for your life.

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