Saturday, June 6, 2015

Departing 6/3/15

Sister and Elder McIntosh will be going back to Colorado to close on the sale of their house and then move back to Santa Barbara.  We are happy for that.  We may still get to  "utilize" them.
Sister and Elder Miles have served for 23 months.  They've been a blessing to have in the office.
After transfer meeting all of the departing missionaries came back to the mission home for subway sandwiches.  
Elder Griffin and Elder James
The first time I've seen a nacho dorito sandwich
Elders Spencer, Berg, Sisters Nicholas, Hardman, Elders Griffin, Soubie, Kingrey and Hill
Elders Welker, Harper, Collard, Atkin, Passey, Lee, and Lewis
The Miles really did have a hard time leaving.  They were all packed before going to Orientation meeting for the new missionaries.  They bore wonderful testimonies at the transfer meeting (and I might say held it together very well).  

The sisters helping clean up the kitchen after fondue.  The elders stayed with members for the night and the sisters stayed with us.
Hermana Costilla, Sisters Hardman, Nicholas and Draney
Front row:  Elders Berg, Kingrey, Soubie, Collard, Spencer and Lewis
2nd row:  Elders Atkin, Griffin, Harper, Passey, Hill
Back row:  Elders Welker and Lee
One last picture before boarding the bus to go to LAX.  I did good until they started getting on the bus.  They have great adventures in store.  They are all wonderful missionaries.

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