Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Transfers 12/6/16

Our morning started with breakfast at 7:30.  Pictures were taken of the missionary with President and Sister Felix so that the picture could be included in the letter home that they would be writing.  President did interviews and Sister Felix led a Jeopardy game consisting of questions from Preach My Gospel and the white missionary handbook.
Sister Iverson helped drive the missionaries from the mission home to the mission office where we had lunch with the trainers and departing missionaries.  The new missionaries went with the office couples for more orientation and the trainers met with President and the Assistants.
The empty chairs are for the new missionaries.  We all came together and the companions were announced.  A little training on the importance of companionship planning was shared.
Here are the companions:
Elder Bunnage and Elder Silla
Hermana Hernandez and Hermana Mulloy
Elder DuPlessis was Elder Levis's trainer a year and a half ago.  He jumped in for a picture.  He is leaving on Wednesday.
Elder Levis and Elder Gardner
Hermanas Ames, Grandstaff, Alder
Hermana Hirst and Hermana Rodriguez
Elder Seui and Elder Liddiard
Hermana Kneip and Hermana Hallows
Elder Tanuvasa and Elder Robins
Elder Betts and Elder Thurgood
Elder Regalado and Elder Holm
Elder 'Iongi and Elder Cannon
Elders Lemus, Cook, Castro

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