Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New Arrivals 12/5/16

Friday morning, Dec. 5 - we were informed that two visa waiters were assigned to our mission while waiting for the processing of their visas.
We were very happy that the 11 missionaries who were to arrive at 11:21 at the Santa Barbara airport did so.

Elder and Sister Iverson are in the pickup with the trailer to load all of the luggage.
Hermana Hernandez
Hermana Rodriguez
Hermana Hallows
Hermana Grandstaff
Elder Cook
Elder Gardner
Elder Cannon
Elder Betts
Elder Regalado
Elder Bunnage
Elder Tanuvasa
Elder Seui Fola
We met Elder and Sister Clark at Goleta State Park for lunch.  They brought chicken, tri tip, rice, cole slaw, salsa and tortillas from Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch.

President Felix took the opportunity to interview some of the missionaries while we were waiting to go back to the airport to pick up another Elder who was flying in from Mexico.

The Elders and Hermanas were divided into two groups.  They had to stand on the benches of the picnic tables and get in order of their birthdays from January to December.  They did this by following their leader's instructions, working together, talking, and figuring out a plan.  They had to gain trust to pass around each other and not fall off the bench.  This was related to missionary work -- listen to their leaders, work a plan, and work with other missionaries.  Members see and can sense when missionaries get along and work together.
Another activity was the sign game.  They each made a hand sign unique to them and showed it to everyone.  Then one missionary was in the middle and would try to find the missionary who was passing his sign to another.  They had to watch carefully for movement, but also facial expressions.  Just like a missionary needs to watch body language and facial expressions as they teach lessons.
President and Sister Felix left the group to go back to the airport to pick up the elder.  The airplane was going to be two hours late.  We did some switching of vehicles - The assistants drove the truck and trailer, Felixes the "space ship" van and the Iversons stayed to greet Elder Seui in the Avalon.  The rest of us drove to the Father Serra Cross for our experience of jumping in with both feet.

Couldn't resist taking a photo of the ground hog.
We drove to the mission office where the missionaries were given a plastic bag to put what they needed for the night and the morrow.  Their luggage was locked up in President Felix's office.

These new missionaries had the opportunity of going out for a couple of hours with missionaries in the area before dinner at the mission home.  Elder Seui arrived in time for dinner.  After eating the assistants talked about the culture of the mission and expectations.  After having dessert President and Sister Felix showed a short powerpoint to introduce themselves.  The Elders stayed the night at the mission home and the Hermanas stayed with members.

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  1. Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop. We're so grateful for all our Missionaries!! GOD SPEED😘😘