Sunday, December 18, 2016


We had District Leader training on December 8.  All of the DLs met at the mission office.  
Front row:  Elders Lemus, McLane, Hererra Loya, Barrios-Vega, Routledge, Levis, Hansen, Anderson, Oakey, Jo
Back row:  Elders Bronson, Kopaunik, Marchant, Turley, DeGraw, Morby, Plummer, Matthews, Morgan, Holm, Liddiard

Mission Leadership Council was December 13.  We started with breakfast at the mission home of pumpkin pancakes, three choices of syrup, bacon, eggs, and hot cider.  Our morning consisted of everyone sharing how the #Light the World initiative affected them personally and in the work.  The zone leaders gave their accountability report but no zone goals as they didn't know what it was because it would be presented at MLC.
President Felix reintroduced what Elder Grow taught us regarding the idea of the elevator and escalator.  Elevator causes the missionary to have one person he/she is focusing on; whereas the escalator is always finding and investigators are progressing.
Time was allowed for thoughts from what they heard or felt from Elder Ballard and Elder Hallstrom visiting.

We had a wonderful lunch that Sister Iverson headed up.
Sister Training Leaders
Hermanas Scott, Wiles, Wright, Peterson, Sisters McClure, Campbell, Barnum, VanDerWatt
Zone Leaders from San Luis Obispo to Simi Valley
Front row:  Elders Peart, Palmer, Slaugh, Suarez, Allison, Hunter, Christenson, Wayment
Back row:  Elders Bradley, Willis, Hales, Peisley, K. Davis, Harvey, Huston, Gemar
Elders Taufatofua and Swenson
They led a discussion and EDPEP on being bold.
Sister Felix presented the Parable of the Ten Virgins.
President Felix presented the CVM Target by starting off with Alma 34:31-34
We had a council on now is the time for what?
The above are suggestions.  There was discussion and voting as to the feelings of the council.  The following is now the CVM Target for this transfer:

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