Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Zone Conference 12 / 20 / 16

Monday night as we were assembling things for Tuesday's zone conference, President made the comment "This is Christmas Eve." It truly was like Christmas Eve as final preparations were being made for the big event.
We began the morning with our mission song, Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise.  Nine new missionaries were given the opportunity to bear their testimonies and four missionaries that would be departing after this transfer bore testimony.  After everyone stood to sing Oh Little Town of Bethlehem Sister Felix did a presentation on the Polar Express.  The missionaries were asked to look for gospel analogies.  We had a great discussion.

When the missionaries entered the cultural hall they saw pictures displayed of themselves as toddlers.  They were to see how many they could recognize of the others.  They seemed to have a good time.
A BIG thank you to all of the parents.  Every missionary had a picture.
We enjoyed salad, green beans, augratin potatoes, pork, and either pineapple or chocolate cake.  It was so yummy!

Elders Slaugh,  Blaylock, Ward, Ballantyne, Atkinson, Still, Elliott
Sisters Coleman, Hopkins, Elders Levis, Gardner, Thurgood, Holm, Regalado, Betts
Elders Cannon, 'Iongi, Campbell, Jo, Liddiard, Seui, Gray, Crook
Elders Hamelin, Chesley, Lallatin, Reichman, Routledge, Shaw
Elder Herrera, Hermanas Wiles, Scott, Peterson, Wright, Sister & Elder Iverson
Elders Turley, Suarez, Peisley, Hales, McLane, Brodie
Sisters Greding, Besendorfer, Elder Palmer, Sister Campbell, Elder Willis, Sisters McClure, Fisher, Adamson, Elders Deason, Jones
President & Sister Ridgeway, Sister & Elder Richardson
Sisters Bosshardt, Mortimer, Hardy, Page, Christiansen, Lambert, President Felix
Sister & Elder Clark, Hermanas Gomez, Gonzalez, Alder, Grandstaff, Ames
Hermanas Torrico, Puertas, Flores, Fernandez, Rodriguez, Hirst, Hallows, Kneip
Elders Mata, Barrios-Vega, Taufatofua, Swenson, Bronson, Olacsi
Sisters Capener, Dye, King, Coulon, Elders Emerson, Matthews, Bradley, Peart
Sister & Brother Vance, Sister & Elder Floyd, Elder & Sister Aston, Elder & Sister Iverson
Elders Castro, Cook, Lemus, Bundy, Endicott, Stevens, Valladares
November Birthdays:
Hermana Gonzalez, Sisters Greding, Iverson, Elders Deason, Matthews, Holm
Elders Mata, Brodie, Palmer, Iverson, Clark
December Birthdays:
Hermanas Kneip, Puertas, Fernandez, Sister Campbell, Hermana Grandstaff, Sisters Dye, Hopkins
We really are excited for the program (apparently some didn't want to show their excitement).

Santa (Elder Swenson) and Elder Taufatofua were the MCs.

Santa Barbara Zone sang the 12 Tribes of Israel.
The office couples did a spoof on their responsibilities.  They are all in a car and Sister Floyd is backing them up
Elder Iverson is the voice of Tiwi.
Bottom line though is "Don't worry, be happy!" 
Hermanas Rodriguez, Hirst, and Flores sang Burritos Savenero.
Elder Turley's district sang Silent Night in Spanish.
Elder Jones sang Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.
Elder Barrios-Vega's district sang Reyes Magos.
Elder Olasci had us laughing because of elephant jokes.
Elders Cannon, Peisley, 'Iongi, and Suarez sang How Can I Be?
While Sister Bosshardt was signing Silent Night, Elder and Sister Mortimer were singing.
Sister Dye and Sister King sang Mary Did You Know?
Elder Liddiard ate several bites out of an onion when he was blind folded.  He thought it was going to be an apple while competing with Sister Christiansen and Hermana Peterson to see who could finish first.  We were all amazed that he kept eating it.

Each missionary received a water bottle with their name attached on a tag. I think they liked the tag better than the water bottle. In the gift bags were Christmas cards from the First Presidency,  one from us, a picture of Christ with the inscription Adore Him, a poem about the Star, a star cookie, and hot chocolate mix with a bell (reminder from the
Polar Express). 

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