Sunday, December 18, 2016

Follow up Training

We did follow up training on the 15th for all of the new missionaries and their trainers.  Elder Iverson talked about cars and their responsibilities in driving safe.  Elder Floyd gave six bullet points for the missionaries to do:
1.  Budget
2.  Have your own key to the apartment.
3.  Use your mattress pad and be cautious in drying it.
4.  Box springs -- not easily repaired so please no bouncing.
5.  Mold -- ventilate to protect yourself from breathing in mold spores.
6.  Two rules of successful finance -
a.  Respect your companion financially (live inside the mission support funds).
b.  Planning ahead how you will use your money the next day.
Sister Felix talked about etiquette.
The hermanas and elders separated and dress standards and grooming were discussed.
Trainers stayed with the Assistants and the new missionaries were with President and Sister Felix.  Each discussed how it was going.
Everyone came back together for training on planning and then President Felix helped the missionaries understand our purpose better.
INVITE = offer an opportunity
Others = everyone
COME = inviting to act
Unto Christ
HELPING = active, not passive
RECEIVE = reach and bring it in (he demonstrated by catching a football)
RESTORED gospel = it has to have been gone to restore
FAITH = action
Gift of the Holy Ghost
ENDURING to the end

At the conclusion we had chocolate cake and peppermint ice cream.

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