Friday, September 30, 2016

Zone Conference TO & SV

It’s been a full week with zone conferences.  Each conference had the same format and we started off hearing introductions and testimonies from the newer missionaries that have been here since June.  We saw a video presentation to the song I Will Follow.  The question – Who or what do we follow?  The answer – music, money, power, social media, politics, fashion, etc.  The Savior invites us to follow Him.  Elder Robbins talked in General Conference "which way do you face?" We need to overcome the fear of man.  He said that lowering our standards instead of what the Lord’s standards are is apostasy.  Missionaries are first accountable to the Lord, Mission President, and then companion. 
We loved President Uchtdorf’s talk, "4th floor last door" that he gave at the General Women’s broadcast.  President Felix recorded it so all of the missionaries could see it.  Since our Christ-like characteristic of faith has been our focus for the last several months, this talk was perfect. 
The assistants introduced a new Christ-like characteristic – Hope.  

Taco bar with pork, chicken and beans.

Happy birthday to...

Cleanest car award went to Sisters Devitt and Hopkins.
Called to Serve
Thousand Oaks Zone
Front:  Elders Shumway, Jones, Robins, Carter, Sisters Cardon, Devitt, Hermana Torrico, Elder Huston
Back:  Elders Wayment, Elliott, Sila, Nelson, Sisters Baird, Hopkins, Hermana Gomez, Elder Peterson
Simi Valley Zone
Front:  Elders Snow, Kelly, Reichman, Willis, McLawhorn, Endicott, Campbell, Hiltscher, Sisters Barnum, Coleman
Back:  Elders Alder, Judkins, Atkinson, Rosenlof, Anglin (2 week mini mission), Morby, 'Iongi, Harvey, Mata, Sisters Wing, Greding

After lunch Elder Iverson did some training on bicycle safety.
The missionaries were asked to prepare for conference by studying Chapter 11 in Preach My Gospel.  Everyone was also to prepare a 5 – 7 minute talk on extending commitment invitations.  Two were called up to share their talk with us.  The rest of the training included Elder Weiss presenting “Ask Direct Questions,” Elder Summers – “Promise People Blessings,” Sister Felix – “Bear FrequentTestimony.”  Zone leaders introduced an EDPEP so all of the missionaries could practice doing the bullet points that we presented.  President Felix ended the segment with talking about Following Up.
We heard from the missionaries who will be leaving at the end of the transfer bear testimony.  After that each missionary came to the front to share what impressed them.  This was an incredible part of zone conference.   
We are so grateful for the missionaries in the great California Ventura Mission!

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