Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Zone Conference SLO & SM

The beginning of four zone conferences started on Tuesday. We are in Santa Maria with that zone and San Luis Obispo zone.  The missionaries drive their cars to the zone conference knowing they will be inspected.  The Floyds and Iversons are ready to go.  Unfortunately it was unseasonably hot.  

Lunch was build your own taco salad with beans and rice.

Happy Birthday from July to October 30!
Front:  Elders Valladares, Snider, Christenson, Sisters Mortimer, Scott, Coulon
Back:   Elders Peisley, McLane, Stevens, Horman, Nielsen, Bickham
Happy Birthday!
Sisters VanDerWatt, Mendoza, King
Elders Avalos, Pierce, Bradler, Pickett, Levis, Harris, Campbell
Hermanas Pirir and Hirst had the cleanest car.
We sing Called to Serve to those that provided lunch.
San Luis Obispo Zone
Front:  Sister Aston, Elders Bickham, Gray, Sisters Coulon, Perry, Scott, Elders Liddiard, Stevens, Hales, Snider, Nielsen, Richards, Sister Mortimer
Back:  Elders Aston, Christenson, Horman, Sisters Dye, Jones, Elders McLane, Valladares, Peisley, Hunter, Holm, Lallattin, Sister Besendorfer

Santa Maria Zone
Front:  Elders Avalos, Harris, VanSchlocteren, Mitra, Pierce, Sister McClure, Hermana Hirst, Sisters Bosshardt, VanDerWatt
Back:  Elders Bradler, Marchant, Slaugh, Campbell, Pickett, Levis, Sisters Orme, Hermana Pirir, Sisters Mendoza, King

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