Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Departing 9/14/16

Most of the missionaries arrived at the mission home around 4:30.  
Dinner consisted of kale and cabbage salad, orange rolls, beef stroganoff over rice and a mixed vegetable dish.
After dinner we watched a talk from Elder Kevin Pearson and then had a beautiful evening listening to testimonies and experiences that would never be forgotten.
To top the evening off we had cheesecake topped with strawberries.
The elders stayed at the assistants' apartment and the sisters stayed at the mission home.  Before breakfast they were scrambling to make sure their suitcases did not weigh over 50 pounds.

Elder Parkinson sculpted Captain Moroni for President Felix and had the elders sign the bottom.  It is amazing and these pictures do not do it justice.  Around the base are scripture references:  Alma 48:17 (which Elder Parkinson substituted Moroni for President Felix when he quoted it to us), a CVM logo that was a copy of one drawn on the orientation book by Elder Ruby, Alma 53:20 (which is the mission scripture and I don't know how long ago it became that), and our favorite scripture - D & C 12:8. 

Sister Ulassin and Hermana Hemingway
Elders Ruby, King, Parkinison, Pace, Dorius, Stewart, Gibb, Harper

There is a lot of leadership in this group.  They will go forth and make a difference.

 The elders rode with the Iversons

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  1. What? How did Parkinson do that? You have great missionaries; I'm sure you miss them as they go home.