Monday, September 19, 2016

Transfer Train 9/13/2016

Elder Iverson was great to take these pictures as he was helping out with the transfer train.  There are four stops - Newberry Park Stake Center, Mission Office in Oxnard, Santa Barbara Stake Center, and Santa Maria Stake Center.  The trainers drive to the mission office for training and then they are able to drive back to their areas with their new companion.
 Elder McCurdy
 Elders Willis, Gibb, Rosenlof, DuPlessis, K. Davis
 Elder Rosenlof
 Sisters Besendorfer, Devitt, Hopkins, Bosshardt
 Sisters Coulon, Capener, Houseman, Campbell
 Elders Carter and Bronson
 Elder Gibb giving instructions for luggage.
 Elders McCurdy, Stewart, Morgan, Gibb

 Elder Mecham helping out at the Gonzales building while waiting for his companion.
 Elders Stewart, Gibb, Carpenter
 Elders Oakey and Parkinson reunited as trainee and trainer.
 Elders Davis, Carpenter, Rodriguez
 Sisters Coulon, Adamson, Dye
 Sisters Besendorfer, Fisher
 Sisters Ulassin, Dye
 Sisters Adamson, Dye
 Elders Shaw, Hales
 Elders Gemar, Chesley, Swenson, Sisters Besendorfer, Hermana Pirir, Sister Dye, Elders Strom, Petersen

 Elders Gemar, Liddiard
 Elders Parkinson, Gemar, Liddiard
 Hermana Pirir, Elder Avalos, Hermana Hirst
 Sisters Besendorfer, Mortimer, Elder Campbell

 Elder Parkinson
 Sisters Perry, Mendoza, Bosshardt, Hermanas Pirir, Hirst
 Elder Campbell

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