Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Transfers 9/13/16

We arrived at the mission office just before noon to have lunch with the trainers, departing missionaries, and the new missionaries.  

We appreciated the Hardys, Sister Floyd and Sister Iverson for putting the lunch together.

After having an opening hymn, prayer, introductions of the new missionaries, and orientation from the assistants, the trainers went with President Felix and the new missionaries did paperwork, wrote their parents and had some orientation from the senior couples.
The following are the new companionships:
Elders Powell, Palmer, Harris, Slaugh
Elders Hiltscher, Mata, Young, Garrard
Elders Johnson, Deason, Haslam, Turley
Elders Bundy, Oakey, Brodie, Suarez
Elders Hunter, Snider, Valladares, Stevens
Elders Gardiner, Hamelin, Christenson, Bickham
Elders Mitra, Pickett, Alder, Snow
Elders Sila, Robins, Pereira, Matthews
Elders Harvey, Campbell
Elders Morgan and Judd get to follow up train each other.

All of the new missionaries and their trainers had to drive back to the mission home which is about 6 miles to pick up their luggage that was left there.

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