Thursday, August 4, 2016

Transfers 8/2/16

The missionaries were back at the mission home by 7:30 for breakfast.  We had 8 elders stay at the mission home and the rest stayed with members in the Ventura Stake.
We had waffles, strawberries, and whatever they wanted to put on their waffle along with bacon and either chocolate milk or juice.

After breakfast we took pictures.  President Felix finished doing interviews.  We played Jeopardy with categories from Preach My Gospel, the White Handbook and some Mission trivia.
Sister Iverson helped drive the missionaries to the mission office where we had lunch with the trainers.  Some of the departing missionaries also ate hoggie sandwiches, grapes, chips, cookies, and water.  The office senior couples provided more orientation for the new missionaries while President Felix and the Assistants gave training to the trainers.  All came together and the companionships were  introduced.  We watched a segment from the District and then more pictures before driving back to the mission home to get their luggage.  We did not have a vehicle that could take the luggage to the mission office because they were being used for the "transfer train;"  therefore, a trip back to the
 mission home.
Elder McCurdy and Elder 'Iongi
Hermana Alder and Hermana Wiles
Elder Gray and Elder Harper
Elder Judkins and Elder Kelly
Elder Dewey and Elder Anderson
Elder Holm and Elder Ballantyne
Sister Adamson and Sister Dye
Elder Morby and Elder Malone
Sister Besendorfer and Sister Devitt
Elder Christenson and Elder Judd
Elder Thurgood and Elder Heck
Elder Whatcott and Elder Davis
Elder Reichman and Elder Atkinson
Elder McLawhorn and Elder Slaugh
Elder Ward and Elder DeGraw
Elder Reeves and Elder Hoff
Elder Hales and Elder Morgan
Elder Richards and Elder Lallatin
Elder Mecham and Elder Peart
Elder Horman and Elder Strom
Elder Kopaunik and Elder Chesley
Elder Plummer and Elder Hansen
Elder Wayment and Elder Shumway

Not only do we have many new missionaries but there were only 7 out of 80 companionships that remained together.

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