Thursday, August 4, 2016

New Arrivals 8/1/16

The 22 missionaries from the MTC in Provo were to arrive at 1:50 and the hermana was to arrive from Mexico at 2:13.  Hermana Alder arrived closer to 2:00.  The connection in San Francisco for the 22 was delayed and they arrived around 2:45.  We can count on the flights not coming in at the specified time.  We have to get to the airport early though in case the flights arrive before the sheduled time.
President Felix was able to have an interview with 
Hermana Alder at the airport while we were waiting.

Hermana Alder
Sister Devitt
Sister Adamson

Elder Reeves
Elder Thurgood
Elder Reichman
Elder Gray
Elder 'Iongi
Elder Whatcott
Elder Ballantyne
Elder Mecham
Elder Shumway
Elder Ward
Elder Richards
Elder McLawhorn
Elder Kelly
Elder Morgan
Elder Dewey
Elder Judd
Elder Hansen
Elder Kopaunik
Elder Horman
Elder Malone

Not good -- some luggage didn't make it to Santa Barbara.  President Felix signed the receipts and the luggage was to be delivered to the mission home around 8:30.  Still not good as those staying with members were going to be picked up at 8:00.  Fortunately the luggage arrived just before 8:00.
We had the missionaries get out of the suitcases the things and clothing they needed for the night and the next day.  We had bags for them to put these things in.  This makes it so much better so that the suitcases don't have to be transported to the member's homes.
We drove to Goleta Park and had danishes and water.
Sister and Elder Iverson drove the truck and trailer with a couple of missionaries needing to drive with them.  We rented a 15 passenger van and used the mission's 10 passenger van also.
The following pictures are the missionaries making the commitment to have both feet in.

We drove to the mission home and put all of the luggage in the garage.  The Assistants did a short orientation about the culture of the mission.  We were able to have dinner out on the deck.  
The missionaries were so tired as they didn't get to bed Sunday night and then they woke up around 3:00 to leave from the MTC.
The missionaries came from 7 different states:
Utah, Idaho, Oregon, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Colorado.


  1. Wow things have really changed in the last 32 years. I remember we flew into LAX and then had to take a bus to Ventura where President and Sister Barney met us Now they fly into Santa Barbara. Really cool.

  2. Thanks for sharing arrival details and pictures for the families at home! This post is priceless!