Monday, August 1, 2016

President's letter

BIG changes in the California Ventura Mission.  We are very excited!  We feel that there will be more energy and success.  "If we always do what we have always done, then we will always get what we have always gotten." 
Elder David A. Bednar  
The following letter from President Felix to the missionaries may help to clarify.

Dear Missionaries of the Great California Ventura Mission,

What a week!  By now you know that the assistants and all zone leaders will be serving in family wards.  Each of the YSA wards will have sisters serving there.  We will be receiving 23 new missionaries today meaning that there will be 23 trainers.  The assistants have been very busy putting together the "transfer train".  I really appreciate Elders Kuepper and Gibb along with Elder Weiss who will be the new assistant who helped with a lot of the details of the transfers.  There are only 7 of 80 companionships without any changes.

So with all the changes, Please:

Make sure that you are at your drop off place 15 minutes before your scheduled time.  Be responsible for your luggage and see that it gets into the trailer and out of the trailer when you get off the train.

Whether or not you will be driving your car to Oxnard as a trainer on Tuesday, please fill up with gas today.

Update your area book and make sure the area book is where it needs to be.

Clean your apartment and get rid of things that have been in the apartment that don't belong.

 Elder Iverson asked that I remind all of you to log out of TIWI when you get out of the car.  Make it a habit.  If the car is getting serviced and you did not log out, you will be the one responsible for any variances caught by TIWI.

We certainly will miss the 16 missionaries who are leaving with this transfer.  I've interviewed each of them and they will be wonderful returned missionaries.  We wish them our very best. 
There are 20 Elders (all English), 2 Sisters and 1 Hermana arriving.  We welcome them all to this wonderful mission. 

Our goals remain to find the elect, teach repentance and baptize converts, however the CVM Target for this transfer is "We teach Repentance: a Trial of our Faith".

"In our efforts to follow the trail leading to Eternal Life, we will undoubtedly have to face the trial of our faith."

President Dell C. Felix

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