Sunday, August 7, 2016

Training 8/4/16

We had so many changes with assignments that we did a training for the Sister Training Leaders, District Leaders, Zone Leaders, and missionaries for the Young Single Adult wards.  Only 7 of 80 companionships remained together.
The bishop and his wife, ward mission leader, and the missionaries serving in a ward that is equally yoked talked with the missionaries on how it works in their ward.  I feel the missionaries have a better understanding of how to be trusted by the members. The information was taken back to their district meetings on Friday.  
The "YSA missionaries" received some training since only one of them has been serving in a YSA ward.  They had many questions and the assistants were able to lead the discussion and then the zone leaders who had been serving in YSA wards added to the discussion.

Sister Training Leaders 
Sisters Capener, Houseman, VanDerWatt, King, Hermanas Kneip, Peterson, Wright, Hemingway

District Leaders
Front row:  Elders Stewart, Hales, Elliott, Valladares, Peart, Lemus, Bradler, Heck
Back row:  Elders Slaugh, Harvey, Gemar, Pace, Hunter, VanScholcteren, McLane, Bronson, Allison, Holm

Zone Leaders
Front row:  Elders Willis, Ruby, Swenson, Campbell, Carpenter, Davis, Dorius, Peterson
Back row:  Elders Rosenlof, Huston, Summers, King, Parkinson, DuPlessis, Peisley, Taufatofua

YSA Missionaries
Elders Bradley, Sila, Stewart, Routledge
Sisters Deitos, Fisher, Ulassin, Baird, Barnum, Jones
Sisters Lambert, McClure, Orme, Cardon, Wing, Scott

Elder Weiss and Elder Gibb

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