Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Follow Up Training

We met in the chapel because of the large group of new missionaries and their trainers for the follow up training today.  It was great seeing all of them again.  It appears they are getting use to the missionary life.  There were not many questions.
President instructed the missionaries in the language of prayer; the importance of addressing our Heavenly Father in a respectful way -- using thee, thou, thy, and thine.  He invited them to work on not saying you in their personal and companionship prayers.  They accepted the commitment.
Elder Iverson talked about cars including Tiwis.  Elder Floyd talked on the M & Ms = money, mold and mattresses (no jumping on the beds).  Sister Felix gave her presentation on etiquette helping the missionaries understand the importance of good manners.  The sisters stayed with 
Sister Felix as the dress guidelines from the Church were reviewed.  President Felix covered with the elders keeping their shirts white by washing them with just whites, shining their shoes, hair cuts, width of ties; Elder Gibb showed them how to roll their ties up and put them in their shirt pocket when they eat so they are not spilt on.  The trainers and new missionaries were separated so as to share their concerns and good things that they've been experiencing.  After coming back together again, President trained on the Doctrine of Christ.
Grapes, water, chips and salsa were in the cultural hall for a snack before driving back to their areas.

President and the assistants reviewing and planning.

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  1. Thanks for posting these on a regular basis Sister Felix. It has been great to see Collin (Elder Gibb) and his fellow missionaries in all these various activities over the last 2 years.

    Nathan Gibb