Sunday, January 29, 2017


Thursday, January 19 a transfer was needing to be decided as a missionary would be flying home on Saturday.  That would leave a missionary without a companion.  
President Felix was looking at the transfer board and finally said I'm going to pray and ponder about this and closed the doors to the board.  He walked down the hall at the mission office and his phone rang.  It was the missionary department saying there was a sister that was being reassigned to our mission.  President asked how soon is she ready to come.  He was told immediately.  He then said, how about Saturday.  Sister Cook was the answer to the transfer.
We took Sister Campbell with us to the Burbank airport to say good-bye to her companion and to meet her new companion. 
It was great timing that Sister Campbell and Sister Cook were able to attend the follow up training on Tuesday, 24 with the other new missionaries.

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