Monday, January 16, 2017


The assistants worked hard on creating the transfer train for Tuesday.  They were comfortable in their efforts.  They have both feet in!
This letter went out to the missionaries.  It will help you to know the changes in how exchanges will occur.
January 16, 2017
Dear Missionaries,

This is indeed an exciting time to be a missionary.  There are many transfers tomorrow and along with any transfer is moving from apartment to apartment.  PLEASE clean your apartment today!  Throw away anything that you will not be taking with you.  Take to Deseret Industries trailer if in your area or to a Goodwill etc., the usable clothes or other items that have been left in your apartment or that you are tempted to leave behind.  If there is any damage to the apartment, make sure that it is repaired.  Anything that is unrepaired in your new apartment will be the responsibility of the missionaries who left the apartment and they will have to pay for any damage. 

As you meet the new members in your new assignments, people will always ask about where you are from and how long have you been serving.  You will gain wonderful respect from the members if you are brief with your response but that you add something like, "I'm excited to be serving with you in this ward.  I have a strong testimony of the restored gospel and we will work tirelessly to bring about our purpose to invite others to come unto Christ."  Then set up an appointment with members to share with them a brief (5-10 minute) message of the restoration.  Your introductions will be remembered if you testify and offer to work together with them. 

When meeting your ward mission leader, you might bring up the dinner calendar and that our mission is asking that less active and part-member families be invited first to fill the calendar before the other members be given the opportunity to host the missionaries.  We desire to be in the homes of the less actives and part-members.  At that time we can share a message and leave a commitment in every home.  Remember, dinner appointments are to be less than one hour including the message.

The Spanish elders will have a different opportunity with their exchanges from now on.  We have assigned Elder Peisley and Elder Suarez to serve as "Spanish Elders Training Leaders".  They will host all of the exchanges for the Spanish elders in their Santa Paula area and they will report to the district or zone leaders of their exchange.  There will not be exchanges of Spanish elders with English district or zone leaders.  Zone leaders will both travel to the assistants' area (Channel Island Ward in Camarillo Stake) for their exchange and district leaders and companions will travel to the zone leaders' area (or the Spanish elders training leaders' area).  District leader exchanges will remain as they have been before with one missionary going to the other's area.  All sister or hermana exchanges will be conducted in the sister or hermana training leaders' area.  This is according to the guidance of the Missionary Department of the Church.

I know that as we focus on our purpose and obediently serve, we will be effective in finding the elect.  We will continue with the CVM Target of "Now is the time to be bold and fearless because we adore Him."  It's been amazing to observe that those missionaries who exceed 50 contacts per week have more potentials and more investigators. 

President Felix

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