Tuesday, January 3, 2017


The missionaries seem to enjoy coming to the mission home for breakfast before MLC.  This morning we had pull a parts, pineapple, juice, and I tried a new recipe with tater tots, ham, sausage, eggs, cheese and ranch dressing.  After breakfast we drove to the mission office and started our meeting at 10:00.
Sister Campbell, Elders Hunter, Davis, Taufatofua, Hermanas Wiles, Peterson, Wright, Scott, Sisters Barnum, VanDerWatt, McClure
Elder Huston, President Felix, Elders Bradley, Slaugh, Gemar, Wayment, Willis, Palmer
Elders Hales, Peisley, Christensen, Peart, Allison, Bradley Swenson, Suarez

The accountability report from the zone leaders included a three month goal for baptisms.  The missionaries need to look to monthly goals not transfer goals for baptisms.  It is important to make the area a baptizing one so when transfers occur it continues on.  This is the first month we exceeded our mission goal.  Instead of 23 we had 24 baptisms and 17 of those came from members helping out.
President Felix talked about the importance of Councils.  Elder Ballard said regarding councils that it is “The Lord’s system.”  We see it with the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve, stakes, wards, families and missions. 
We had an “improv” to help in understanding how to lead a council.  The Assistants started off by asking the question, how do we elevate our level of obedience?  After a bit of discussion they turned it over to another companionship to conduct the council and so on.  We had a wonderful discussion and the spirit was directing.  To conclude, 
Elder Taufatofua asked, “Will you commit yourselves to be exactly obedient?”  The response from the leaders was 
“It shall be done.” 
We had taco salad, oranges and pound cakes for lunch.
Sister Felix trained on exchanges.  The missionary department has asked that we have members of MLC stay in their areas for exchanges.  That means both companions will go to the leaders’ area for a 24 hour exchange.  More responsibility is now in training and showing other missionaries a model area.  Sister Felix reminded MLC what President Monson has said is truth, “Whom God calls, God qualifies.”  We have amazing missionaries.  It was awesome to see, hear, and feel how the leaders of this mission care about the Great California Ventura Mission.
President Felix spent time talking about repentance.   It’s a process that takes faith and brings joy.  We watched talks from General Conference that Elders Cornish and Renlund gave this past fall.  We will teach repentance frequently and it is important that the missionaries understand it and are doing it.  We read from D & C 18:10-16, 22, 41-47 – the worth of a soul and the value of repentance.  

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