Sunday, February 12, 2017

Personality Test

For the last two weeks President Felix has been having interviews with the missionaries.  We did things a bit different this time.  Two companionships would arrive the same hour; so four missionaries every hour.  Sister Felix visited with one companionship for 30 minutes while President visited for 15 minutes with one missionary and the companion waited for his/her turn.  At zone meeting a couple of weeks ago a personality profile test was handed out to be completed before interviews.  When Sister Felix visited with the missionaries, she showed them how to score the test.  We then discussed the results.  This was a color coding profile.  We had companionships hear about each other to help them have an understanding as to why they do things, allowing insights into what makes each other “tick.”  The personality reflects the personal style of preference for thinking, communicating, and behaving.  The missionaries realized by scoring the test, seeing, and hearing about each other’s color that they were able to see the strengths and limitations.  Our hope is that better communication will occur.  The missionaries have more flexibility with their schedules so the companions need to be able to communicate their feelings to come to a compromise that will best suit the companionship to be unified and have the spirit.
There are four core personalities labeled by the colors:  Blue, Red, White and Yellow.  Sister Felix kept track of the core and secondary colors.  Here are short descriptions without listing the strengths and limitations:
Blues:  Life is a sequence of commitments for blues.  They thrive on relationships and willingly sacrifice personal gain.  Blues are highly demanding perfectionists.  They can be distrusting and worry prone.  They are complex and intuitive and can be very opinionated.  Blues can also be emotional and moody.  Blues can be self-righteous and insecure and can also be very self-disciplined and sincere.
Reds are the power wielders of the world.  Reds use logic, vision and determination.  From a Red perspective, emotion has nothing to do with completing tasks.
Whites are motivated by peace.  Whites will do anything to avoid confrontation.  Their only demands from life are the things that make them feel comfortable.  That feeling fosters their need to feel good inside.
Yellows are motivated by fun.  They are here to have a great time.  They are known for being spontaneous, optimistic, and sometimes self-centered.
The results of our 164 missionaries with their core colors (the senior couples will be scoring their tests next week):
Blue – 43, Blue/White – 1
Red – 24, Red/Blue – 3, Red/White – 2, Red/Yellow – 4
White – 59
Yellow - 28
February 20th

The senior couples got together tonight for dinner.  They had completed their personality tests and are scoring them.  It was fun to see what color everyone was.  

Each couple wrote down an experience they had as a couple.  As the experiences were read, we tried to guess what couple had done...
We laughed so hard!  We are so glad the missionaries like getting together.

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