Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New Arrivals 2/27/17

Four missionaries arrived from the Provo MTC around 10:45.  We loved seeing them almost run down the stairs and felt their excitement.

Sister Rosenlof
Sister Groneman
Hermana Gonzalez-Soto
Hermana Penner
The two missionaries from the Mexico CCM were not going to arrive until 1:56 so we decided to stay close to the airport.  We drove to the Institute at UCSB where Elder & Sister Clark were waiting.  We walked over to Freebirds and got lunch to go so we could eat at the Institute.
The missionaries were good sports in playing a game of drawing, humming, or acting gospel related words.
We were so happy that these missionaries made it.  Apparently the flight attendant ran with them to their connecting flight because the arrival and departure was very close.
Hermana Bassett
Elder Esparza
The six missionaries come from Arizona, Texas, and Utah.
Here is San Buenaventrua City Hall.  We drive past it on the way to Father Serra Cross.

After President Felix talked about being anxiously engaged, leaving things behind and to commit to the mission, they are jumping in with both feet.  We feel these missionaries are special and will be a great asset to the mission.

Due to the lack of vehicles for transporting on Tuesday, the missionaries were given a sack to put what they would need for Monday night and Tuesday.  All the luggage was then locked up in President Felix's office.
We borrowed one of the mission cars so we could get everyone to the mission home for dinner.  After eating, the assistants did a short orientation.

We know we can't give them a lot of information because they are so tired.  They get up so early at the MTC and CCM that it makes for a very long day; and of course, they don't go to bed early the night before.

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