Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Departing 3/1/17

Last night went very well.  The missionaries were all at the mission home by 5:00.  They seemed to enjoy dinner and our testimony meeting had a big impact on me.  Afterwards, President talked to them about creating their lives.  
I asked the group what statement will they always remember that President would say.  Elder Willis had us laughing because he was imitating President Felix.  He said, 
"It will be good."  
This morning we had food available for them to take in the van to eat while driving to the airport.

Elder Lemus, Hermanas Ames, Kneip, Mulloy, Wright, Scott, Elder Willis

Sister Capener left for Utah last week so she could attend the sealing of a family.  She was one of the missionaries who taught the father of that family in Camarillo a year ago.  She with other sister missionaries were instrumental in his baptism.  Sister Fisher's, who is still serving here, father was the escort and her grandfather was the sealer.  We missed Sister Capener being with us last night but President was able to share the experience with the other missionaries.

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