Thursday, March 9, 2017

Follow Up

We had follow up training today for the new missionaries and their trainers.  Elder Iverson talked about accountability and safety with the cars.  Elder Floyd gave six key points:  
Budget - keep track of expenditures
Keys - both companions should always have a key to their apartment with them
Mattress pads - use them
Box springs - no flopping down on beds
Ventilate - the bathrooms with fans and windows open
Two rules of successful finance -
a.  Respect your companion financially
b.  Limit fast food eating
This was Elder Floyd's last follow up training prior to being "transferred."
Sister Felix did a presentation on etiquette.
We reviewed dress standards.  Parents you can look on, Serve and Teach, Missionary, Dress and Grooming to see what is appropriate for missionaries to wear.  
We discussed any questions or concerns they had.
We watched a video from the District 2 observing how 
Elder Hepworth and Elder Belt had companionship study which included 12 week.  It was good to hear from our discussion that they realize what they study applies to their investigators.
The meeting concluded with President Felix training on the Doctrine of Christ.

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