Monday, October 31, 2016

Transfers 10/25/16

More craziness.  The pin on the trailer to the truck came out as Elder Floyd was driving up north to start the transfer train.  We're so grateful no one was hurt.  The delay was a couple of hours.
The following companionships are the new missionary and trainer:
Sisters Christiansen and Lambert
Elders Blaylock and Leckbee
Elders Bates and McLawhorn
Sisters Dye and Page
Elders Emerson and Christenson
Elders Allen and Morgan
Hermanas Lethbridge and Anstee
Elders Hansen and Baker
Hermanas Cortes and Morales
Hermanas Garcia and Gomez
Hermanas Fernandez and Wiles
Elders Alder and Johnson
Elders Olacsi and Bronson

The following are pictures from Elder Iverson's part in the transfer train:
Sisters Houseman, Fisher, Coleman, Cardon and Sister Iverson
 Elders Elliott and Rosenlof
 Hermanas Wright and Arkell
 Elders Alder and Morgan
Elder Routledge
Elders DuPlessis and Levis
Sisters Mendoza, Devitt, Hopkins, Elder Iverson,
Sisters VanDerWatt, Campbell
 Sisters Hopkins, Coleman

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  1. Thank you for posting pictures of the missionaries! It means so much to missionary families!