Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Today we started by having breakfast at the mission home.  We enjoyed "kneaders french toast." We drove to the mission office for our mission leadership council.  
President Felix spoke about Jethro counseling Moses in not doing it all by himself!
Each missionary shared what changes they have made in extending commitments.  This was a follow up because of zone conferences.  
The baptisms for September were 17 and our goal was 19.  
We had a great council on monthly baptismal zone goals, having sports nights, Halloween, and lunch hours.

President Felix trained on ward councils.  He invited the missionaries when they attend ward council to be prepared, be on time, be familiar with the ward mission plan, follow up on assignments received, review baptismal candidates, review progress of new and returning members, and ALWAYS keep information confidential.

Lunch was very yummy which Sister Floyd and Sister Hardy prepared.  We enjoyed the pulled pork sandwiches, beans, pasta salad, watermelon and banana splits.
Sister and Elder Floyd, Sister and Elder Hardy
Elders Carpenter, Peterson, Allison, Taufatofua, Hermanas Peterson, Kneip, Elders Huston, Summers
Sisters Capener, Campbell, VanDerWatt, King, Elders Willis, Rosenlof
Elders Gemar, Summers, Weiss, Peisley, Hermanas Scott, Wright
Elders Davis, Hales, DuPlessis, Peart, VanScholcteren, Campbell, President Felix

We resumed after lunch and Elder Weiss and Elder Summers did a presentation on attitude.    We addressed what causes us to have bad attitudes and popped a balloon for those mentioned to get rid of the bad attitude.
President Nelson in conference said "Saints can be happy under any circumstance. For latter--day Saints, Jesus is joy!"  Attitude is everything and being positive makes a big difference.

President Felix trained on leadership in the Church.  
Principles of Gospel leadership:  1.  Prepare spiritually.  
2.  Participate in councils.  3.  Minister to others.  4.  Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  5.  Administer
Missionary leadership:  1.  Opportunities to serve.  
2.  Companionship is the basic unit of missionary service  
3.  Assignment to serve as a leader is a sacred trust.  
4.  Seek to lift, encourage, inspire and bless.  
5.  Faith, repentance, keep convenants, follow the 
Holy Ghost.
Responsibilities:  1.  Represent mission president.  2.  Convey information and direction.  3.  Inspire others and enourage obedience.  4.  Help missionaries be more powerful and fruitful.  5.  Teach other missionaries.  6.  Assist with progress of missionaries.  7.  Share with mission president information needed.   8.  Correct missionary conduct as needed.

The three missionaries that will be departing this transfer bore testimony.  Such wonderful elders -- Rosenlof, Peterson, and Summers.

We interacted to edify by sharing what we felt from the meeting.  I wish those reading this blog were able to be there. It is truly amazing hearing from each of the missionaries. 
President Felix and Elder Taufatofua are both wearing black striped suits and paisley ties.  Elder T has wanted to wear this at the same time; and today it finally turned out.

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