Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Follow Up Training

Our first follow up training with all elders and no sisters.
There was good discussion today when the new missionaries met with President and Sister Felix and the trainers met with the assistants.
Challenges that the new missionaries expressed was getting the 2nd lesson.  They are able to give the first lesson but harder to continue on.  Surprised that people would not keep their appointments and not answering their doors even though people were inside.
Not too much was expressed regarding conflicts with their companions.  They realize that communication is everything.  If there is a problem or situation, they need to discuss it. There is frustration with the lack of finding and teaching. In 12 week lessons, opportunity for EDPEPs (role playing) has been utilized which is great.
The tripan of Elders Anderson, Still, and Dewey
This is a kind of  "Where's Waldo" (or your missionary) picture.
After training -- fruit slush and chocolate chip cookies were available.

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