Saturday, December 19, 2015

Zone Conference/Christmas Devotional 5,6/7,8

This week the mission was divided in half and we met for a zone conference in the morning and a Christmas devotional in the afternoon.  The assistants introduced the Christ-like attribute of Patience.  President Felix discussed the Doctrine of Christ with 2 Nephi 31.  Sister Felix shared thoughts regarding the importance of love in teaching.
Bro. Abbott who is the Institute director in San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria Institutes catered our lunches.  We had garden greens with marinated tomato and cucumber dressing, steamed broccoli, baked potato casserole, stuffed chicken breast with pear herb dressing, and assortment of pie with ice cream.  It was very delicious.
Tuesday we met in the Santa Barbara Stake Center in Goleta.

President & Sister Ridgeway and President & Sister Moffatt
Sisters from the Camarillo Stake set the tables and helped serve.  Bro. Abbott prepared the food.
We sang Called to Serve to the sisters and Bro. Abbott.

Newbury Park/Thousand Oaks Zone
Front:  Hermana Morales, Sisters Ulassin, Fisher, Mortimer, Elders Gregory, Peart, Morby, Plummer, Gemar, Elliott, Crook, Liddiard, Pace, Endicott
Back:  Hermana Green, Sisters Hunsaker, Capener, Jones, Elders Elkington, Swenson, King, Carpenter, Yager, Rosenlof, Christenson, Garcia, Gilpin, Mulford
Camarillo Zone
Front:  Elders Suarez, Deem, Sister Lambert, Hermanas Ames, Cuevas, Zarate, Frias, Elders Brown, Sila, Hull, Hunter, Strom
Back:  Elders Peterson, Kuepper, Sister Barnum, Hermanas Miller, Brown, Pirir, Kneip, Elders Campbell, Harper, Klingler, Payne, Parkinson, Dort
Simi Valley Zone
Front:  Elders Haney, Dorius, Sisters VanDerWatt, Mulloy, Houseman, Elders Allison, Heck, Davis
Back:  Elders Gruwell, Leavitt, Sisters Deitos, Huey, Wing, Elders Hurst, Levis, Gardner
Happy Birthday for December...
...for January
...for February
Elder Rosenlof was the MC for the entertainment.  He told me that he loved doing it and that it could be one of the things on his bucket list.
Elder Young and (arms and hands of)  Elder Ruby.
They were portraying Elder Stewart's morning routine.
A Halleluiah Christmas performed by Elders King, Elkington, and Mullford was on the piano.
Who's on...(missionary style) An Abott and Costello reading.  Elders Sila, Klingler, Harper
Mary did you Know?  Elders Payne and Deem
Feliz Navidad, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas.  Elders Strom, Dort, Hunter, and Parkinson grew mustaches in 3 minutes backstage.
12 Days of Christmas (missionary style) performed by Elder Yager's district.
Elder Elliott, Hermana Morales, Sister Hunsaker, Elders Crook, Gemar, Yager, Sister Ulassin, Hermana Green, Elder Christenson, Sisters Mortimer, and Jones.
Fiddle and fun with Hermana Huey at the violin, Elder Gruwell, Haney, Leavitt, Sisters Deitos, VanDerWatt, Elder Dorius.
Elder Mulford and Hermana Mulloy
O Holy Night sung by Hermana Green and Elder Rosenlof.
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas performed by Elder Mulford.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing sung by Elder Peterson, Hermanas Cuevas, Frias, Miller, Kneip, Pirir, Ames, Zarate, Brown, Elder Suarez.

Hermana Brown and Elder Suarez performed a rap all referenced to our mission.

After the program we went back to the chapel where President and Sister Felix did a presentation on angels.
We learned angels are around us and support us in what we are doing.  There are angels among us. (A video was shown with a picture of every missionary in the mission as the song Angels Among Us was sung; recorded with Elder Deem, Hermanas Brown, Cuevas, Griffes and Hermana Ricks accompanying).
We need to pray for angels and we need to be an angel.

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