Saturday, December 19, 2015

Zone Conference/Christmas/ Devotional 1,2,3,4

At zone conferences we have car inspections.  It was not announced and some forgot; therefore some cars were not as clean as they should have been.
The zones in the north went to Goleta at the Santa Barbara Stake Center.

Elder Abbott visiting with Elder Floyd
Sisters from the Santa Barbara stake decorated the tables and helped serve.
San Luis Obispo Zone
Front:  Elder DeGraw, Sister McClure, Elders Wayment, Slaugh, Avalos, Haines, Stewart, Sister Israelsen, Hermana Garza, Sister Aston
Back:  Elder Hatman, Sister Scoresby, Elders Bailey, Magoon, Weiss, Gibb, Wickern, Sister Dearden, Hermana Bennion, Elder Aston
Santa Maria Zone
Front:  Elders Huston, Powell, Garrard, Bradler, Hales, Sister Coulon, Hermanas Hurley, Scott, Sister Campbell
Back:  Elders Corbridge, Boyce, Reed, Barrios-Vega, DuPlessis, Sister King, Hermanas Jeronimo, Soriano, Sister Barnes
Santa Barbara Zone
Front:  Elders Gregory, Valladares, Hildalgo, Judkins, Petersen, Lamb, Davis, Mata, Hermanas Wright, Arkell, Sister Baird
Back:  Elders Snyder, Peisley, Lemus, Lallatin, Willis, Harvey, Bradley, Herrera Barahona, Hermanas Eames, Johnson, Sister Orme
Ventura Zone
Front:  Elders Summers, Ruby, McLane, Hubbard, Bronson, Turley, Hermanas Ricks, Hemingway, Sisters Booshardt, Beatty
Back:  Elders Chatterton, Young, Herrera Loya, DeCosta, Routledge, Taufatofua, Hermanas Griffes, Peterson, Sister Evans
Happy birthday for December
Hermana Hurley entertained us as the MC.  
Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel performed by Elder Wickern's district - Hermana Bennion, Sisters Dearden, Israelsen, Hermana Garza, Sister Aston, Elder Aston, Elders Haines, Stewart, Gibb, Wickern
My Kindness Shall not Depart from Thee, sung by Sister Evans and accompanied by Sister Beatty.
An impromptu whistling of Joy to the World performed by the Santa Maria Zone.
The Little Drummer Boy performed by Hermanas Jeronimo and Hurley.
Piano duet - Nearer My God to Thee - Hermanas Scott and Wright
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear performed by Hermanas Wright, Johnson, Eames, Arkell, Scott, Soriano
The Hakka - Elders Taufatofua, Mata, Valladares, Herrera
I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas sung by Elders Summers, Chatterton, Haines, Gibb.
Elder Hidalgo sang Silent Night in Spanish with Hermana Ricks accompanying at the piano.
The Santa Barbara zone put together the Nativity.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing performed by Elder Petersen
Hermana Hurley would change her outfits between announcing several acts.  She told us that the Church had changed the dress standards.  Hermanas Garza, Hurley and Jeronimo are modeling them.

We went back into the chapel after the entertainment just like on Tuesday.  After Sister Felix completed her comments and stories, a flash mob began.  We asked the Camarillo zone for the south and the San Luis Obispo zone for the north to do a flash mob singing Angels We Have Heard on High.  The zones were excited to participated and practiced in their zone meetings.  They were told to not tell anyone about it so it would be a surprise.  Both times it was emotional for the Felixes because the missionaries sounded so good and the Spirit was very strong.  In the South the zone didn't even get through their parts before all missionaries were standing and singing.  In the North the zone was able to get through most of the first verse before everyone was standing.

In the Christmas bag that each missionary received there was an angel cookie. A wonderful member in Santa Maria made 14 dozen cookies for us. She is an angel! 

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