Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Follow up training

Yesterday all of the new missionaries from this last transfer came with their trainers to the mission office for some follow up training.  We realize they are just too tired to hold onto what was told them the day they come in.  We have simplified that and Tuesday morning's orientation with the senior couples.  
This training consisted of Elder Stewart talking about cars, Elder Floyd talking about apartments and finances, Sister Felix did a presentation on etiquette, the Elders went to the Primary Room to talk about clothing and Priesthood blessings while the Sisters stayed with Sister Felix and reviewed the dress standards found on  After that segment all of the new missionaries met with President and Sister Felix and the trainers met with the Assistants.  This was time for them to voice any concerns or questions.  We came back together and discussed what was talked about.  President Felix trained on the Doctrine of Christ.
Front:  Hermanas Johnson, Arkell, Sisters Lambert, Barnum
Back:  Elders King, Morby, Avalos, Weiss, Hales, DuPlessis, Liddiard, Garcia
Front:  Sisters Jones, Mortimer, Fisher, Capener
Back:  Elders Peterson, Suarez, Taufatofua, Turley, Gemar, Yager
We were appreciative of Sister Costco for providing our snack.  Thanks to Sister Stewart and Sister Floyd for setting the table.

You may ask what is Elder Yager doing?  -- catching a grape.

Elders Ruby and Young

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