Saturday, October 10, 2015

Transfer 10/6/15

The following are pictures of the new missionaries with their trainers.  There are so many I decided to combine companionships for the pictures.
Elders Endicott, Mulford and Elders Corbridge, Huston
Elders Brown, Campbell and Elders Wayment, Bailey
Elders Valladares, Taufatofua and Elders Herrera, Mata
Elders Peterson, Piesley and Elders Hurst, Allison
Sisters Coulon, Israelsen and Sisters Harrison, Wing
Elders Dort, Haney and Elders Brown, McClane
Hermanas Kneip, Soriano and Hermanas Eames, Wright
Sisters VanDerWatt, Orme and Sisters Campbell, Thompson
Sisters Houseman, Giambattista and Sisters Bosshardt, Evans
Sisters McClure, Scoresby and Sisters Ulassin, Baird
Hermanas Ames, Young and Hermanas Scott, Miller
Hermanas Mulloy, Huey and Sisters Murphy, Beatty
Elders Strom, Bradley and Elders Davis, Magoon
Elders Hunt, Reed and Elders Weiss, Bradler
Sister Tufts and Alexander Tufts, Elders Elliott, Stewart
Elders Levis, Lamb, President Felix
Elders Deem, Leavitt, Gregory, Gibb, DeCosta, Snyder
Elders Goad, Santos
Sisters Coombs, Reneer, Barnes, Lambert
Elders Gruwell, Hager
Elders Slaugh, Morwood, Sister Olsen
I wish the lighting was better on this picture.  Sister Stewart was being funny as she had to drive the van back to the rental place.  It was a 12 passenger so a little bit bigger than what she is use to driving.

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