Wednesday, October 14, 2015


The California Ventura Mission Target for this transfer is
 "The Sabbath Day is a Delight" Isaiah 58:13. As we live and love the Sabbath day, teaching about this sacred day will be more meaningful and it will be understood by the Spirit. Study what the Sabbath day represents and how we can improve our Church experience on Sundays and our personal Sabbath day worship. 

MLC 10/13/15
Because of the meal fast (no meals from members or investigators or restaurant eating) this past week, one of the questions at the beginning of MLC was "What was your favorite meal you have eaten since the member fast? "  Also,  "What was your favorite talk from General Conference? "
Time was spent reviewing lesson 3 in Peach My Gospel. Five missionaries gave five minute talks on faith, repentance,  baptism,  Holy Ghost,  and enduring to the end. 
President Felix provided training on the Sabbath day and the Assistants led an EDPEP on Sabbath day observance so investigators will realize the importance of it.
 Elders Yager and Young
 Front: Elders Powell, Leavitt, L. Gregory, Deem, Elkington, 
M. Gregory, Chatterton,  Haines
Back:  Dorius, Gibb, Boyce,  DeCosta, Kuepper,  Snyder, Wickern,  Ruby
 Front:  Sister Rasmussen,  Hermanas Brown, Cuevas, Griffes, Sisters Wilson,  Coombs 
Back:  Sister Hunsaker,  Hermanas Clark, Jeronimo, Hurley, Sisters Dearden, Reneer
 We were in Santa Maria for interviews today.  We had them at the Oak Knolls building because the stake center was getting fumigated. This is how it is done in California.

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