Saturday, October 10, 2015

New Arrivals 10/5/15

Six missionaries arrived from being at the CCM in Mexico.  They arrived early. Fortunately President Felix was there with a rental van.  Sister Felix drove in the car but was low on gas so had to stop for fear of not returning back to Ventura without running out of gas.  The Assistants had the mission van, the Floyds and the Stewarts drove the other two rental vans.  It was disappointing for me not being at the airport as the missionaries arrived.  
Elder Bradler
Elder McLane
Elder Peisley
Hermana Scott
Hermana Kneip
Hermana Wright
The rest of the missionaries (we thought) arrived about a half hour later.  Most left to go to the park for dinner but Sister Stewart had taken a count and realized the visa waiters were not there.  We were missing three missionaries.  Missionary travel was suppose to be closed at that time.  President was finally able to contact someone at missionary travel and found out the visa waiters had received their visas and they would be flying to Tawain the next day.  So it's not just that three missionaries didn't come; that meant three missionaries assigned to be trainers would not have the opportunity to train for this transfer.  So the tender mercy, which shows the Lord is in charge, one of the visa waiters was going to be in a tripan (three missionaries as companions), the other two were going to be serving with two missionaries that would be living in the same apartment serving in two different wards.  Those two missionaries are now companions and will cover two wards.
Sister VanDerWatt
Sister Baird
Sister Houseman
Elder Strom
Elder Brown
Elder Hunter
Elder Allison
Elder Endicott
Elder Huston
Sister Campbell
Sister Murphy
Sister Bosshardt
Sister McClure
Sister Coulon
Elder Wayment
Elder Davis
Sister Wing
Hermana Ames
Elder Valladares
Elder Mata
Elder Harrison
Hermana Mulloy
Elder Haney
Sister and Brother McIntosh have been released from serving a mission here but have moved to Santa Barbara and are still very willing to help us with having food ready for the arrival of the missionaries.
Elder Elies and Elder Millar on the left joined in eating with us prior to catching a flight headed for Austrailia where they will continue serving.  We were fortunate to have them with us this past transfer.

The missionaries are so tired from very little sleep and traveling.  Our desire is that they will have experiences this first day that will make good memories.

The missionaries all said "I'm committed!"
The sun is setting.  It was beautiful!
While waiting for the Assistants to do some training all the missionaries filled out a questionnaire that we keep in a book.

Breakfast on Tuesday morning prior to going to the Ventura Stake Center for orientation from the Senior Couples and participating in the transfer meeting.
These missionaries are from:
Idaho - 5
Utah - 13
Oklahoma - 1
Indiana - 1
California - 1
North Carolina - 1
Texas - 1
Montana - 1
Missouri - 1
Canada - 1
Oregon - 1
Nevada - 1
Honduras - 1

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