Thursday, August 27, 2015

Transfer 8/25/15

Transfer meeting went 2 1/2 hours.  Here are the trainers with their new companions.
Sisters Coombs and King
Elders Christensen and Carpenter
Elders Landt and Brown
Elders Lamb and Willis
Elders Elies and Forson
Hermanas Clark and Peterson
Elders Hawkes and Slaugh
Elders Swenson and Morwood
Elders Gilpin and Stewart
Elders Judkins and Powell
Elders Heck and Klingler
Elders Sila and Comin
Elders Barrios-Vega and Martinez
Elders Pace and Peart
Elders Reed and Millar
Elders Crook and Rosenlof
Sisters Wilson and Capener
Elders Parkinson and Slaugh
Hermanas Donnelly and Ricks
Elders Davis and Summers
The missionaries enjoy visiting with each other after the meeting.
Elders DeGraw, Corbridge, Sisters Dearden, Hiapo
Elders Chatterton and Hortin
Sisters Giambattista and Barnes
Elders Snyder, Gregory, Gardner
Shepherd, Young, Huey
Hermanas Clark, Green, Elders Goad, Robinson
Sisters Ulassin, Brown, Olsen
When three missionaries are together as companions, they are called a tripan.
Elder Weiss, Hermanas Hurley, Newland, Winn
in the back:  Elder Deem, Hermanas Peterson, Cuevas, Clark
Sisters Giambattista, Barnes, Reneer, Elder Payne, Sister Boring
Elders McKinley, Harvey, Leavitt, Bailey, Hale
Elders Campbell and Dorius
Elders Hale and Dort
Elders Bailey, Stewart, Gilpin
Elders Bartholomew and Magoon
Elders Lopez, Herrera, Moreno
Elders Haines and Boyce
Elders Kuepper and Elkington
Hermanas Jeronimo and Green
Elders DeGraw, Corbridge, Ruby, King
Elders Lemus and Lopez
Sisters Israelsen and Deitos

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  1. I appreciate this blog for the pics of my daughter. I have it on my phone. Her smiling face is always reassuring! Thank you!