Friday, August 28, 2015

Departing 8/26/15

After transfer meeting the missionaries come to the mission home for lunch.
Clockwise:  Elders Mackay, Tufts, Hale, Sorensen, Hermanas Miller, Winn, Sister James, Elder Stewart's head, Elders Rasband, Yager, Young
Elders Fyffe, Beus, Martin, Moreno, Potter, Agle, K. Jones, Fagan
Elders Walker, Clarkson, Liddiard, Sister & Elder Floyd, Elders Hamson, S. Jones, McKinley
This was a first:  Elder Hamson seranading Elders Tufts, Anderson, and Jones.
Those who wanted to play a game joined in.  Elder Hamson is portraying a beast.

The Elders kept asking if they could help.  They did a great job cutting tomatoes, lettuce and watermelon.
Front:  Elders Anderson, Fagan, Hamson, Hale, Sorensen, Rasband
Middle:  Elders McKinley, Walker, Agle, Moreno, Clarkson, Beus, S. Jones
Back:  Elders Fyffe, Martin, Potter, Liddiard, K. Jones, Mackay, Tufts
So they got a little crazy.
Hermana Miller, Sister James, Hermana Winn
Cheering for the Great California Ventura Mission.  
Batman, alias Elder Liddiard, is the cape crusader and we are his side kicks.
The bus didn't arrive until closer to 7:00 a.m.
Elder Fyffe doesn't look stressed but he was having a hard time getting within weight limit.
There seems to be a lot of rearranging to make weight.
I slaved all night for the sack breakfasts; Costco muffins, yogurt and water.

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