Friday, May 15, 2015

SLO and SM zone activity

We met together with the San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria Zones on Tuesday.  We met at the Madonna trailhead.

Everyone received a bandana.
I couldn't resist taking a picture of Hermana Shepherd's feet.
We had different experiences on the hike that will be explained in following posts.
President Felix, Elder Young, Elder Fisher, Elder King, 
Elder Mulford,  Elder Carpenter, Hermana Costilla, 
Hermana Wallace, Hermana Ricks, Hermana Killpack

Elder Dort, Elder Comin, Elder Tufts, Elder Dusara, 
Elder Gibb, Elder Fyffe, Elder Elkington, Elder Peterson, Elder Robinson
Elder Jones, Elder Willis, Elder Mackay, Elder Liddiard,
 Elder Collard, Elder Payne, Elder Toa, Elder Slaugh
Elder Kanenwisher, Elder Atkin, Elder Rosenlof, Elder Yager, Elder Parrish, Elder Clarkson
Elder Garcia, Elder Reed, Elder Beus, Elder Magoon
Elder Goad, Sister Ulassin, Sister Giambattista, Sister Draney, Sister Harrison, Sister Hunsaker, Sister Coombs, Hermana Shepherd, Hermana Young
Happy Birthday!
The Assistants led an EDPEP to help with finding and teaching.

Elder Rosenlof drew President Felix
The popsicles were packed in dry ice for a day.  Hopefully Elder Garcia's lip will recover.

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