Wednesday, May 6, 2015

MLC -- Cinco de Mayo

These cinnamon rolls were made from a new recipe.  I didn't quite understand the instructions on cutting the rolls; therefore we had a batch that was cut to be 24 instead of 12. But it worked out having one large roll for each missionary and 24 extra. It seems that seconds need to be available. 
To celebrate Cinco de Mayo we had green chile egg casserole, cinnamon rolls; fruit, chocolate milk or juice were included. 

Parents may want to know about a couple of updates: no literature outside the missionary library is approved.  The council determined the mission would follow the direction in the white missionary handbook by focusing study on the standard works,  the approved missionary library,  and the Church magazines. 
Parents, please be aware that no instant messaging or chatting during email is authorized.
MLC was a revelatory experience as we shared thoughts and experiences about how we have been led by the Spirit in our lives. We are committed to following the Spirit. 

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