Friday, May 15, 2015

SB and V zone activity

Today was Santa Barbara and Ventura zone activity at the Arroyo Verde Park in Ventura.  The forcast all week had been rain for Friday.  We really wanted to be able to do the hike and enjoy being outside.  There were a couple of down pours on Thursday.  The question was do we have faith or do we prepare for being inside the stake center?  Our prayers were answered in that it did not rain and it was a beautiful day. 

The Stewarts and Miles did the inspection of the cars in the park while we were hiking.

We focused on being led by the Spirit.  In this picture the companion told the blindfolded companion where to walk to avoid obstacles.
Look closely at the ankles.  The companions had to work in unity in navigating the trail with one blindfolded and their legs tied together.
Elder Robinson, Elder Garrard, Elder Martin, Elder Gardner, Elder Spencer, Elder Gruwell, Elder Driggs, Elder DeCosta
Elder Herrera, Elder Lee, Elder Bautista, Elder Law, Elder Santos, Elder Brown, Elder Sorensen, Elder Leavitt, Elder Hill, Sister Orme, Sister Brown, Hermana Zarate, Hermana Cuevas, Elder Barlow, Elder Simpson, Elder Moreno
Elder Atkin, Elder Deem, Elder Klinger, Elder Yager, Elder Kanenwisher, Hermana Miller, Hermana Hurley, Sister Hiapo, Elder Hale, Sister Nicholas, Hermana Bennion, Herman Huey, Elder Corbridge, Elder Stout, Elder Pace, Elder Morwood, Elder Summers
Hermana Soriano, Hermana Keith, Hermana Johnson, Hermana Clark, Sister Rasmussen, Sister Thompson, Sister Beatty, Sister Angimarau, Sister James, Sister Scoresby
Elder Bartholomew and Elder Gregory
Happy Birthday!
Front row:  Elder Yager, Elder Atkin, Elder Pace, Elder Corbridge, Elder Gregory, Elder Bartholomew, Elder Spencer, Elder Santos, Elder Gruwell, Elder Brown, hidden Elder Herrera,
2nd row:  Hermana Bennion, Hermana Huey, Hermana Hurley, Hermana Miller, Hermana Clark, Hermana Johnson, Elder Gardner, Elder Leavitt, Elder Hill, Elder Lee, Elder Bautista, Elder Law
3rd row:  Elder Moreno, Elder Driggs, Elder DeCosta, Hermana Soriano, Hermana Keith, Elder Klingler,  Elder Robinson, Elder Deem, Elder Hale, Elder Stout, Elder Martin, Elder Morwood, Elder Summers, Elder Sorensen
4th row:  Elder Kanenwisher, Sister Nicholas, Sister Hiapo, Sister Beatty, Sister Angimarau, Sister James, Sister Scoresby, Elder Garrard, Sister Orme, Sister Brown, Sister Rasmussen, Sister Thompson, Hermana Zarate, Hermana Cuevas
back row:  Elder Barlow, Elder Simpson
The assistants handed out a card with a character as to who they were and also a character of who they were to find.  Once they found the person they sat down and began talking WITH them not to them.  One was a missionary.

The circled person is Elder Yager, an assistant.

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