Sunday, December 14, 2014

Felix Christmas tradition

Our family has a tradition that comes from a story we read years ago.  One year a wife did something special for her husband, Mike, as he didn't like the commercialism of Christmas.  That year their son was wrestling and there was a non-league match before Christmas.  They played a team that had no uniforms, sneakers without shoestrings, and no headgear.  
Mike loved kids and had coached many in different sports.  The wife had an idea and bought an assortment of wrestling gear and sent them anonymously to the team.  On Christmas Eve she placed an envelope on the tree, the note inside told Mike what she had done and that this was his gift from her.
He loved it.  
The trandition was followed and the envelope became the highlight of their Christmas.  
Our family in their own little families find a service they can do at this time of year.  Their experience is written down and then we share on Christmas day what we've all done.
Our daughter, Brooke, called us and said for their white envelope she would like to cut the missionaries' hair.  Could we make it work?  We knew it had to be on a P-day.  President sent out an email to the English missionaries in the Ventura zone (since many from the Spanish zone had Thanksgiving dinner with us).  The missionaries called me and I gave them time slots.
Last Monday, on P-day Brooke cut 18 missionaries hair, including us.  She did it on our deck. 
Elder Rosenlof
Elders Collard, Hortin and Wilson

Elders Hidalgo and Jensen
Sisters Platt and Rasmussen
Hermana Winn

 Probably the funnest cuts were for the two Hermanas who had Brooke change their styles. 
Hermanas Griffes and Winn
Sister Kemp
Sister Draney
Elders Toa and Welker

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