Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Thank you to all who were so generous in helping provide for the missionaries this Christmas.
Elder and Sister Ruse sorting packages.  Fortunately because of the two devotionals we were able to take packages to the devotionals and missionaries picked their packages up.  We still had some packages arrive on Christmas Eve so the Ruses and Felixes delivered.
Next year we're hoping all packages will be mailed directly to the missionary at his/her apartment.
We hope you all had a wonderful phone call with your missionary.  They were excited for "the calls." 
The mission was divided into the north and south.  Tuesday and Wednesday we had Christmas devotionals.
Sister Felix and the missionaries discussed gospel analogies of the Polar Express after seeing a shortened version of the movie.  We don't think any of us will watch that movie again without remembering some of the analogies.
The following pictures are of Zones 1 - 4 which are:  San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria, Lompoc, Santa Barbara, and both English and Spanish Ventura.
Lunch was catered by Bro Abbott.  Lunch was great with ham, augratin potatoes, green beens,  carrots, salad, rolls, and applie crisp ala mode.
Sisters Beatty and Hiapo
Elders Haines, Deem, Robinson, Rasband, Yager and Bartholomew
clockwise:  Elders Hamson, ?, Moreno, James, Ruby, Campbell, Harper and Gruwell
Hermana Zarate, Sisters Clark, Karatassos, Hermanas Tauiliili, AhMu and Miller
Elders Phillips, Jones, Hermanas Reyes, Keith, Elders Reed, Gregory, Trujillo and Clarkson

Elders Rosenlof, Hunt, Hokanson, Stewart, Sister Stewart, Elders Levitz, Hortin and Collard
Elders Kingrey, Rasband, Haines, ?, Gregory, Fagen, Hermana Cuevas, Sister Rasmussen, Elder Simpson
Elder Simpson, Sisters Wilson, Draney, AhMu, Ashworth...
Elder Elkington, Robinson, Hermana Justiniano, Elder Kanenwisher, Hermanas Miller, Killpack, Elder Fernandez, Sister Kemp, Elder Liddiard, Sisters Blake, Karatassos, Platt, Elders Forson, Law and Reed
Elders Summers, Hermana Gilchrist, Elder Harper, Sister Giambattista, Hermana Brown, Elders Goad, Soubie, Fyfee, Deem, Hortin, Hunt, Hull, Fridal and Davis
Elders Robinson, Payne, Sister Guthrie, Hermana Keith, Sister Hardman, Elder Hatman, ?, Sisters Beatty, Collings, Elders Rosenlof, Klingler, Davidson and Ruby
Elders Klingler, Davidson, Ruby, Sisters Clark, Reneer, Elders Shields, Epps, Santos, Hermana Jeronimo, Elder Jones, Hermana Hurley and Elder Collard
Elders Collard, Bartholomew, Spencer, Moreno, Hermana Winn, Sister Moure, Hermana Player, Sister Woodland and Elder Morwood
Elders Snyder, Yager, Carter, Sister Cox, Elders Spackman, Young, Hermanas Bennion, Young, Reyes and Elder DuPlessis

Missionaries volunteered to participate on the program.  We have many talented missionaries.  The following is the program:  
The assistants did a funny recitation and humorous rendition of Hark! the Herald Angels Sing.

The audience got into it.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Sisters Ashworth, Collings, Reneer and Dearden
Hermana Hurley ties balloons...
I know there are several pictures but even then I've been selective.  She not only ties and "designs" but she is so funny!  She had us ALL laughing.
She is holding a missionary.
President Felix is wearing his crown and Sister Felix's is being made.
President is telling a joke.  Elder Canzona joined in.
I left out the picture that I was laughing so hard.
District from Santa Maria
Angles We Have Heard on High
Martin, Giambattista, Guthrie, Stewart, Clark, Jones, Moreno, Young, Stewart
Silent Night
Elders Payne and Toa
O Holy Night
Hermanas Keith and Miller
He Sent His Son
Sister Woodland
O Come Emmanuel
Elders Robinson and Deem
Elders Mulford, Robinson and Deem
Sisters Karatassos and Clark

Away in a Manger
Sisters Kemp and Platt
What Child is This
Elders Law and Davidson
Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Sister Reneer, Hermanas Shepherd and AhMu
Have Yourself a Merry Christmas
Elder Cavazos
Look closely at her left eye
Hermanas Bennion and Hurley

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