Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014 Part 2

On Christmas Eve the southern part of the mission's devotional was held in Thousand Oaks and included zones 5 - 8, which are:  Camarillo English and Spanish, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, and Simi Valley.  
We ordered lunch to be catered from Mimi's cafe.  President and Sister Olson of the Thousand Oaks stake picked up the food and the Stake Relief Society president with some helpers decorated the tables and served.  Sorry that I fogot to get pictures when the tables were set.  I was so grateful for their help.  They pretty much insisted on helping, which was a blessing.
For all who sent baby pictures, THANK YOU.  The missionaries had a good time trying to figure out who was who.  It was really funny when they came to Sister Felix asking which one was their picture.  To announce the answers, the missionaries stood by their picture. Many do not know each other so hopefully when the correct answer was said and we acknowledged who the missionary was, others learned who they had not already known.   
Elder Banks, Sister Arndt, Hermana Clark, Elders Davis, Tuffts, Comin, Bailey, Sister Heslop, Elders Hurst, Moser, Welker, Hermanas Young, Hurley and Garza
Sister Brown, Elders Miller, Gray, Hermana Eastman, Sister Thompson, Elder Magoon, Sisters Coombs, Scoresby, Hermanas Shepherd, Griffes, Elders Powell, Carpenter, Sister Evans, Elders Walker and Fisher
Elders Carpenter, Powell, Walker, Thornell, Mortimer, Fisher, King, Stewart, Dort, Jackson, Peterson, Sister Nicholas, Hermana White, Sisters Unga and Hunsaker

Hermana Wallace, Elders Harper, Parrish, Gibb, Sister James, Elders Driggs, Morrell, Lewis, Deschamps, Hermana Newland, Sisters Williams and Woods, Elders Chatterton and Pace

Elder and Sister Stewart, Elder and Sister Matweyew,
Sister and Elder Ruse
The assistants performed again for this group.  You can tell the missionaries are into the performance.  Yes, they are snapping their fingers.

O Little Town of Bethlehem
Elders King, Pace, Potter and DeCosta
A medley of primary songs
Hermanas White and Eastman
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
Sisters Thompson, Barnes and Proctor
First Noel
Hermana Huey
A Christmas Medley
Sisters Woods, Cox and Scoresby
O Emmanuel
Hermana Wallace

Mary, did you know?
Hermanas Wixcom, Young Elders Teeples, Driggs and Navarrete
Far, Far Away on Judea's Plains
Elders Chatterton, Teeples and Driggs
Silent Night (in Spanish)
Hermana Griffes
President Felix was the MC and managed to get a joke in
What Child is This?
Hermana Wixom, Sisters Unga and Hunsaker
These missionaries are so talented and accompanied some of the singers
Elder Lewis
Sister Arndt
After the program we went back into the chapel for a closing devotional presented by President Felix.  Power point and videos were shown.
We love your missionaries and are so grateful we could feel of the Christmas Spirit with them.
We are blessed to be in the Great California Ventura mission serving with so many wonderful missionaries!

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