Saturday, June 24, 2017

Zone Conference 6/23/17

Each day the cars were inspected.  Elder Iverson has it down to a science.

We followed the same format as yesterday.  The zones in attendance on Friday were:  Camarillo, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, and Simi Valley.  The zone leaders led their zones in the breakout session.
Camarillo - Revelation through the Book of Mormon and how to get answers.  Questions of the soul and any question can be answered.  Specifically finding out if the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  The missionaries practiced inviting an investigator to read the Book of Mormon and when it was not done to be devistated and to let the investigator know that the lesson planned would be shared next time because it is important to read.  They would then read with the investigator from the Book of Mormon.
Newbury Park - Characteristics of Book of Mormon missionaries.  Different missionaries were discussed such as Ammon.  His attributes were quick to observe and act upon promptings.  The missionaries were encouraged to study about missionaries in the Book of Mormon and their attributes then apply them.
Thousand Oaks - Confirming the Restoration with the Book of Mormon.  Read the last two paragraphs of the Intro to the Book of Mormon.  It is important to emphasize the importance of prayer.  A goal towards teaching to restoration is to read the Book of Mormon.
Simi Valley - Resolving objections to the Book of Mormon.  Focus on good things and be aware of feelings.  Help investigators understand Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ and God the Father and the Book of Mormon is the word of God.

The Newbury Park Stake provided lunch of subway sandwiches, watermelon, chips and rootbeer floats.
Elders Heck, Ward, Elliott, Powell, Crook, Oakey, DeGraw, Horman
Elders Emerson, Bates, Hansen, Carter, Slaugh, Whatcott
Elders Jarnagin, Stevens, Suarez, Barrios-Vega, Esparza, Marchant
Sisters Masaki, Rosenlof, Christiansen, Wright, Hermanas Hiller (Hallows), Rodriguez, Sisters Adamson, Groneman
Sisters Coleman, Besendorfer, Dye, Hopkins, Hermanas Gonzalez-Soto, Fernandez, Alder, Flores
Elders Dewey, Tanuvasa, Huston, Christenson, Hales, Allison, Jo, Campbell
Elder & Sister Hardy, The Bohls, Elders & Sister Cole
Elders Gardiner, Levis, Horman, Ballantyne
Sister Felix, Hermanas Lindsey, Hirst, Sisters Frankman, Lovato, Sister & Elder Andrus
Happy birthday to Elders Allison, Jarnagin, Campbell, Sisters Besendorfer, Adamson, Elders Crook, Ward

Clean car awards:
Sisters Adamson and Groneman
Elders Heck and Leckbee
Sisters Lovato and Frankman
Elders Christenson and Hales

Simi Valley Zone
Elders Crook, Emerson, Oakey, Hales, Christenson
Hermanas Rodriguez, Hiller, President & Sister Felix, Sisters Christiansen, Wright
Elders Esparza, Marchant, Hansen, Bates, Carter, Levis, Gardiner, Sila, Baker

Thousand Oaks Zone
Elders Ballantyne, Tanuvasa, Thomas
Hermana Gonzalez-Soto, Sisters Groneman, Adamson, President & Sister Felix, Sisters Coleman, Besendorfer, Hermana Fernandez

Newbury Park Zone
Sisters Rosenlof, Masaki, President & Sister Felix, Sisters Hopkins, Dye
Elders Leckbee, Jarnagin, Elliott, Stevens, Ward, Heck, Allison, Jo

Camarillo Zone
Elders Peart, Bundy, Judkins, Barrios-Vega, Mecham, Jones
Hermana Lindsey, Sisters Frankman, Lovato, President & Sister Felix, Hermanas Hirst, Alder, Flores
Elders DeGraw, Powell, Plummer, Still, Bronson, Suarez, Swenson, Palmer

Andrus, Iverson, Felix, Cole, Hardy
Called to Serve!

We had fewer missionaries in this zone conference than yesterday.  Both days were powerful focusing on the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ.  We have looked forward to these zone conferences in wanting the missionaries to know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and the importance of reading it daily.  Also that Jesus is the Christ and He lives.  We are so blessed to have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives and be representatives of Him.

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