Thursday, June 1, 2017


Today we had our last breakfast for MLC.  We were excited to have the missionaries here.  We met the missionaries almost three years ago when they came for breakfast.
I was facing the stove when the missionaries were invited to come into the kitchen for a prayer.  I turned around to see this.  It was so awesome I had to take a picture.
Notice the Fairlife chocolate milk.  We had to treat them!

Hash brown quiche with ham
Scones with fresh strawberry jam or honey

MLC was held from 10:00 to 12:30 and then lunch.  The counsel consisted of addressing the decreasing number of baptisms.  It was discussed that missionaries feel it is easier to find on their own because it takes longer working with members; yet working on their own, many 'potentials' don't pan out.  So it's quality in finding.  Whenever with members, the missionaries should always ask "Who do you know that would benefit from our message?"  The members need to understand our purpose.

The senior couples prepared lunch.

We sang "Called to Serve" as a thank you to the Senior Couples for all they do in helping out.

Front:  Elders Palmer, McLane, Valladares, Suarez, 
Barrios-Vega, Swenson
Hermanas Anstee, Puertas, Sisters Scott, Sister & President Felix, Hermanas Flores, Alder, Sisters Hopkins, Dye
Elders Harvey, Gemar, Wayment, McLawhorn, Morby, McCurdy, Davis, Hunter, Bronson, Judkins, Allison, Jo, Whatcott, Slaugh, Christenson, Hales

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