Sunday, September 20, 2015

Santa Barbara and Ventura Zones

Santa Barbara Zone
Front:  Hermanas Pirir, Wallace, Young, Green, Sisters Orme, Angimarau
Middle:  Elders Lamb, Willis, Levis, Elliott, Taufatofua, Lallatin, Snyder, Lemus
Back:  Elders Davis, Summers, DuPlessis, Gruwell, Santos, Gaylor, Gregory, Lopez

Ventura Zone
Front:  Sisters Evans, Beatty, Hermanas Newland, Hurley, Sisters Reneer, Boring, Hermanas Peterson, Clark
Middle:  Elders Slaugh, Hawkes, Young, Yager, Gregory, Davidson, Hidalgo
Back:  Elders Dort, Harper, Wickern
Hermanas Young, Green, Elders Lallatin, Gaylor, Taufatofua, Santos
Sister and Elder Floyd, Sisters Angimarau Orme, Hermanas Wallace, Pirir
Elders Wickern, Gregory, Gruwell, Elliott, Yager, Young
Elders Hidalgo, Davidson, Lemus, Lopez
Elders Slaugh, Hawkes, Summers, Dort, Davis
Sisters Reneer, Boring, Elders Snyer, Gregory, Harper
President Felix, Elders Levis, DuPlessis, Willis, Lamb
Happy birthday to these eleven!

Singing Called to Serve to the sisters who prepared lunch

I neglected to get a picture of the two companionships who were awarded the cleanest car.
From Santa Barbara - Hermana Young and Hermana Green
From Ventura - Elder Slaugh and Elder Hawkes

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