Sunday, September 20, 2015

San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria Zones

San Luis Obispo Zone
Front:  Sisters Woodland, Scoresby, Harrison, Hunsaker, Hermanas Donnelly, Ricks, Sisters Jones, Thompson
Middle:  Elders Gilpin, Stewart, Weiss, Herrera, Pace, Peart
Back:  Elders King, Ruby, Waite, Hatman, Rosenlof, Crook

Santa Maria Zone
Front:  Sisters Deitos, Israelsen, Hermanas Bennion, Jeronimo
Middle:  Elders Herrera, Fernandez, Barrios-Vega, Garcia, Harvey, Hortin
Back:  Bronson, Mulford, Dorius, Corbridge, DeGraw, Leavitt
Elders Stewart, Hatman, Waite, Ruby, Crook, Rosenlof, Gilpin
Sisters Jones, Thompson, Harrison, Hunsaker, Woodland, Scoresby, Deitos, Israelsen
Elders Herrera, Weiss, Herrera, Fernadez, Garcia, Barrios-Vega
Elders Dorius, Hortin, Young, Yager, Corbridge, DeGraw
Hermanas Jeronimo, Bennion, Donnelly, Ricks
Elders Pace, Leavitt, Harvey, Mulford, Bronson, King, Peart
Sister and Elder Floyd, Sister and Elder Vance
Happy birthday to these eight!

Clean car award = Elders Leavitt, Harvey, Weiss, Herrera
Called to Serve

Sister Felix couldn't resist.  It is unknown how the missionaries would have this sweatshirt
The clothes doubled from what we started with to what the sisters brought to the exchange.  The back seat of the truck is filled from floor to ceiling with clothes the assistants took to Goodwill.
Elders Crook and Rosenlof
Elder Rosenlof grew up in Santa Maria.  When he was 14 the family moved to Utah.  He had not been back to the church he attended Primary in.  It was very weird for him.

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