Thursday, July 16, 2015

Transfer 7/14/15

Tuesday morning after having waffles at the mission home the missionaries are driven to the Ventura Stake Center for orientation with the Senior Couples, Elder & Sister Floyd and Elder & Sister Stewart.
After transfer meeting which consists of introducing the new missionaries, leadership in the mission, the meeting of new missionary with trainer, hearing from all of the departing missionaries, Sister Felix, and concluding with President Felix, pictures were taken in the cultural hall of the companionships.
Elder Plummer and Elder Hurst
Elder Powell and Elder Wilson
Elder DeGraw and Elder Carpenter
Hermana Morales and Hermana Brown
Elder Levis and Elder DuPlessis
Elder Stout and Elder Hager
Elder Elliott and Elder Gruwell
Sister Berry and Sister Carleton
Elder Deem and Elder Petersen
Elder Reed and Elder Murry
Sister Lambert and Sister Rasmussen
Sister Jones and Sister Thompson
Elder Harvey and Elder Beus
Elder Bronson and Elder Mulford
Missing are Elder Taufatofua and Elder Santos
Elders Hale, Dorius, Comin, Hull, Klingler, Hunt
Hermanas Johnson, Soriano, Jeronimo, Brown, Morales, Eames, Griffes
Elders Walker, Kuepper, Martin, Stout
Elders Fridal, Klingler, Routledge, Agle
Hermanas Miller, Garza, Elder Gardner
Elders Hatman and Cantrell
Elder Summers, Sisters Woodland, Scoresby
Hermanas Clark, Keith, Elders Weiss, Mackay, Fyffe
Elders Garrard, Haines, Gregory
Elders Herrera, Parrish
Elders Elkington, Bartholomew, Jones
This is a unique picture.  Elder Kanenwisher on the right trained Elder Yager, he trained Elder Boyce, Elder Boyce trained Elder Gruwell, and now Elder Elliott will be trained by Elder Gruwell.
Hermanas Newland, Hurley, Miller, Clark
Elders Magoon, Willis, Gregory
Elders Herrera, Mackay, Lopez, Lemus
Elders Robinson, Dort, Colby Jackson, Elder Fagan
Elders King, Ruby, Dorius

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  1. Thank you for the pictures of the new companionships. Sometimes I hear from my son that he got a new companion but that is all. Good to see a picture and a name. (And a smile)